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  • Welcome to the colorful, joyful world of Henry art

Why Henry?

The Henry Brand is an up and coming product line that will brighten your store and add a unique fun flavor of art that is proving to be very successful. Henry’s art appeals to a wide variety of audiences from art lovers to outdoor enthusiasts, from kids to the youthful part in all ages. Our products sell well to both men and women and make great gifts. Some of the products can have souvenir name drops put on them to show off your town, area or state.

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Why its easy to carry and sell Henry products

  • Low minimum requirements

    It's easy to get started adding the Henry Brand to brighten up your store's shelves and racks. Minimums are shown on each of the products. Contact us to determine the best minumum mix for your store.

  • Make great gifts

    Name drops can be added to some of our products so your store can provide memorable gifts of your area or town.

  • Custom Paintings

    Henry can paint a mural or canvas perfectly designed for your store. We then can make all of our products with your new picture and characters.

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Ryan "Henry" Ward - Artist

Healing Art with Henry Series